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Detox my Family to become healthy and happy

I am starting this blog September 1, 2017 to chronicle our steps as a family to become healthy and also to motivate me to take steps (minimal, almost invisible steps or gigantic monster steps) daily. I want to take steps, whatever the size daily. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there…but I need outside forces to motivate me. Otherwise I will lay in bed everyday and bing watch Gilmore girls…the original seasons and the Netflix remake. 


Let me tell you a little about my family….

My name is Marsha – I have an accounting degree and currently a stay at home mom, with a small bookkeeping business. 

My husband Seth – IT Systems Admin 

                                                                              kids 2017

Twin eight year olds Sami and Weston and 6 year old Jaxon.


My husband and I suffer from multiple autoimmune diseases, My children are genetically susceptible to these problems. I am not happy with the horrible yelling parent I have become. My youngest struggles in school. It’s time to make changes. It’s time to evaluate and change direction. I will first start by sharing our journey so far, how we got here and what we have tried up to now. Then I will journal what changes we are making and how that is helping or not helping.


I have no experience or background in health, I’m a nerdy accountant. I am frustrated with conventional medicine, schools and the American dream, I am looking for nonconventional ways to help my family as a MOM. I’m hoping that our journey will help another family heal faster then we do. I’m hoping the research we are doing for products that help us detox will make your journey easier.



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