at Home

Detoxing the home is so very important. It is a long and sometimes tedious process. I’m going to compare this to putting new floors in our house last year. We had a tiny flood…soaking the floors in a 3rd of our home, after a toilet over-flowed. Instead of replacing the ruined carpet and keeping the low end tile and remaining carpet in the unaffected areas. We decided to take advantage of a portion of the flooring already ripped out and ripped it all out.

No floors… 

The kitchen was covered, the fridge was in the front room wrapped up and all the furniture was moved into the garage.  It was painful living in a house while the floors are being replaced.




Finished and moved back in


Our floors would not have been replaced last year if we did not have a flood. Just like we don’t make drastic changes to our lives unless we are sick, unhappy or plain fed up with the circumstances. Living in the house while replacing the floors was a big headache, extremely inconvenient and expensive. Detoxing the home will hopefully be less of a headache, mildly inconvenient and somewhat affordable, taking it step by step.


The steps my family has taken so far…

Laundry detergent for sensitive skin


Non-Toxic Foaming Hand Soap


Cotton Shower Curtain