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My family found these stickers at our most recent park Saturday and pointed out that I am a NATIONAL PARK GEEK!


Yes, yes, I am and Proud of it!


I made a goal this summer…to visit all the National Parks and State Parks with my family. This is a long term goal, as we have a stinking lot of National Parks. 22 in just my home state of Arizona. Starting off with tiny steps…on a free Saturday, we visit the closest park to our home. We have visited 2 National and 1 State park so far and I’m starting to get a little possessive of our park Saturdays.  I don’t want to give them up for baseball games and husband being on call at work. But I do and I must give them up for more important events. What I’m loving the most about this goal is that my kids are asking during the week, “where are we going next?” Check back often and watch our list grow and grow.


Park Saturday


National Park #1 – Tonto


National Park #2 – Casa Grande Ruins


State Park #1 – Jerome 


State Park #2 – Tonto Natural Bridge